Cheat Death: Vote for Healt Care "Reform"!

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    Let's face facts, these are life and death decisions and aren't decisions you can make on your own. You need to turn your life over to a higher power, to Obama, to Ezekiel Emanuel, to a Czar.

    Do you know that every day 14,000 of your fellow Americans and Illegal Aliens lose their health insurance? Huh? Didja Know that? Do you realize that in the long term there will be more people without health coverage than there are people living in the United States? Didja know that little tidbit? No, you didn't!

    Thankfully, Obama and the Dems have partnered with God in matters of Life and Death. They have a document to prove it but it's buried under the Kenyan's real birth certificate. The Governor of Hawaii has seen the Agreement of Limited Partnership (God is the Managing General Partner and Obama is a Limited Partner. Supposedly Obama tried to get the right to remove God as General Partner by a Vote of only one of the Limited Partners, but God walked out of the negotiations in a huff)

    Every year 45,000 Americans and Illegal Aliens die because they don't have Health Insurance! These deaths are totally avoidable if only you'd vote Democrat and insist that there be a Public Option!

    Cheat Death: Vote for Health Care "Reform" and Keep Voting Democrat!

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