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    Your a presidential candidate, what issue(s) would you run on, what 3rd party name would you choose, who would be your running mate, and who would you run against on this board. Choose a board member to run against, and we can see who would win.
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    My Vice President would be Jillian, cause then we would have a sounding board of opposing sides to run the Country. And while I was President I WOULD consult with the Vice President on any important matter. I do not plan to die as President but if I did while Jillian may oppose my thoughts on some things I suspect she would do whats best for the Country.

    Issues for me would be FIRST closing the Boarder and getting rid, once that was done all the undesirable aliens. I would then , once the borders were sealed, create a reasonable means for the so called guest workers to enter. Making the employer be responsible for the alien and ensuring that they were paid a reasonable living wage. Not sure I would require that they adhere to the base pay requirements but that would be up for discussion.

    I would work to bring DON the size of the Government, with elimination of the Education and veterans affairs cabinet positions and returning VA to sub portion of the military. Education I would dump except where in it applied directly to FEDERAL authority.

    I would push for, I would demand that, social security taxes and medicare taxes be earmarked ONLY for those programs. NO dipping allowed for any reason.

    I would demand that taxes for gas be returned to ONLY being used for Interstate highways, Oil and alternate fuel research and related fields. I would use this fund to help create any reasonable alternate fuel source infrastructure across the Country. Hydrogen comes to mind since it was reported we can make it cheaply.

    I would continue to support my allies, including Iraq with what they need to become self sufficient.

    I would push to increase the military by at least 600,000 troops. More if I could get the support.

    I would scuttle any attempt to subvert the Constitutional clause that all legal laws of a single state must be recognized and allowed in every state. This has directly to do with Gay Marriage. I do not support the term and would work to get it changed to our government only involved in Civil Unions, leaving marriage to the religions or the people. But failing that no State has the right to ignore the laws of another State, meaning if one state allows those marriages, while another state does not have to allow them THEY MUST recognize them from the former state.

    Within the constraints of a war time budget I would work to cut Federal spending as well.

    Now how am I supposed to pick someone to run against until they announce their a Candidate and their platform?

    Not sure what name I would use.

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