Case Workers: the reason there are so many are gettingt entitlements. True or False?

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    My friend talked about this 40 years ago. He wanted to do something about it so he ran for office, but, even though he got elected he did not affect any change whatsoever.

    This person worked for the government where welfare benefits are doled out. Each recipient had a 'case worker' within the organization. According to him, the problem with the welfare system is case workers, not recipients. I've never heard this before or since, but I think there is some reality in the statement.

    You see, what you have is a group of case workers who are somewhat educated and want to work. The kicker comes if they don't have enough cases to justify their job. So they make every effort to enroll enough people to keep their own jobs secure.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else had ever had or heard this take on public assistance.

    Now, the VA is a horse of a different color. Those folks have served and some are messed up for the rest of their lives. BUT........... I don't know about other states, but in KY there are service representatives paid by the State of Kentucky, who work in the VA hospitals and clinics with their job being to procure VA benefits for the people of Kentucky who served in the military. There are many many people seeking expanded benefits because the criteria has been relaxed in the last 2 or 3 years.

    As long as we have people whose own best interest is getting people government entitlements, that area of the budget will continue to grow.

    In order to understand the budget we have to see the big picture. And I personally don't think that even those who get paid to have the big picture actually do.
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