Caring & Support from Home Makes A Big Difference

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    Interesting item from the "Hotline" column in our daily newspaper today.

    QUESTION: My nephew recently returned from Iraq. During his time there, we sent him care packages. We'd like to continue sending packages to soldiers overseas. Who can help us do this?


    ANSWER: Care packages to soldiers in Iraq sometimes save lives, J.M.

    According to the American Forces Information Service, a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq was so homesick last year that he decided to kill himself. He lay in his tent all night, praying for an opportunity to talk to his family one final time, but knew he'd have to wait almost a week until payday to buy a phone card.

    In the next day's mail, he received nine care packages from Americans who didn't even know him, courtesy of Operation Military Pride. The packages contained phone cards, so he was able to call home and talk with his folks. After hearing their voices, he knew he could never cause them the grief that would come if he took his life.

    Letters addressed to "any service member" are no longer accepted by the military, but a Web site called America Supports You includes links to Operation Military Pride and many similar groups. It also links you to Army, Navy and Air Force service aid societies, and veteran organizations.

    Just point your browser to

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