But, but, but I just made the basket for our team!

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    Charlotte school loses after player scores uncontested layup on own basket in final seconds | Prep Rally - Yahoo! Sports


    I did the same exact thing,,,,,when I was in junior high! :redface:

    Here I was dancing around, doing my victory dance, feeling damn cocky. Then my coach approached me and pointed at the other basket and said, "well, that was one of the best shots you ever converted, but THAT'S our basket over there".
    Then the next game we had, the coach pulled me over and pointed to a basket and told me "that's our basket this half and in the second half we'll be shooting at the other basket, but don't worry, I'll point that out to you the second half". Sure enough, every time I ran by the bench, the coach would yell at me and tell me what basket was ours through out the game. He thought he was being funny, but it worked. Not once during that game did I ever shoot at the wrong basket. Trust me! :razz:
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