bush, the queen and putin all go to hell...

Discussion in 'Humor' started by strollingbones, Dec 8, 2009.

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    bush, queen eliz and putin all go to hell..upon arrival the devil meets them and tells them they have one phone call....putin calls russia and talks for one minute....he hangs up and the devil gives him a bill for 1 million dollars...putin writes a check.....

    the queen makes her call and talks for 40 minutes.....the devil charges her 6 million dollars..she writes a cheque...

    bush talks for hours...just on and on...he hangs up and the devil tells him "no charge"

    well putin freaks out..yelling that he had to pay and the queen had to pay ...why the didnt bush have to pay?

    "well" says the devil...."since obama got elected the u.s. has gone to hell..so it was only a local call"

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