BREAKING: Taxpayer Cash Used To Pay Off Alleged NC Dems' Sexual Harassment Victim?...

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    First John Edwards, and now this despicable cretin.

    It’s unclear as of now if the North Carolina Democratic Party used taxpayer funds in the financial settlement it made with former communications staffer Adriadn Ortega after he alleged former NCDP executive director Jay Parmley sexually harassed him.

    Parmley resigned a little over a week ago after Ortega’s allegations surfaced publicly several months after they were made. With the revelation of Ortega’s allegations came the news that the NCDP made a financial settlement with Ortega and had both Ortega and Parmley sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the issue quiet.

    To this day, it’s unclear if taxpayer money was used to make that financial settlement and the NCDP won’t answer questions related to that aspect of the scandal.

    JWP Civitas Institute president Francis De Luca asked State Board of Elections executive director Gary Bartlett last week to investigate whether the NCDP used taxpayer cash to make the deal with Ortega. The party has access to a few hundred thousand taxpayer dollars that could have been used to pay Ortega’s settlement.

    “The state of North Carolina provides taxpayer funds directly to political parties in North Carolina, which in this case was over $331,000 to the NCDP in 2011 according to the ‘Political Parties Financing Fund Annual Report Verification’ filed 12/22/11,” De Luca wrote to Bartlett on April 19.

    “It is vital that the hardworking taxpayers of North Carolina be assured that no taxpayer check-off funds, illegal contributions or other prohibited funds were used for these purposes, and that any money involved was handled in an accountable and transparent manner.”

    De Luca added, “If any such prohibited funds were used, or if the NCDP failed to properly report funding of any kind, the NCDP should be required to report the transaction with the State Board of Elections so the public can have access to the information”...

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