Books the President gave top Dems for Christmas(satire)

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    December 28, 2005
    Bush Reads, Gives Books to Top Democrats
    by Scott Ott

    (2005-12-28) — The White House, after revealing yesterday that President George Bush is currently reading a biography of former President Teddy Roosevelt, entitled When Trumpets Call, today released the list of books the president gave as Christmas gifts to top Democrats.

    While pundits endeavored to draw conclusions about Mr. Bush’s motivation for reading a book about Roosevelt’s post-presidential years, the White House said all of the president’s literary gift selections are simply random picks from The New York Times bestseller lists, with no personal or political implications.

    – Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY… “Dean and Me: A Love Story,” by Jerry Lewis
    – Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean… “Forever Odd,” by Dean Koontz
    – Sen. Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy, D-MA… “Character is Destiny,” by John McCain
    – California’s Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barbara Boxer… “The Sister’s Grimm,” by Michael Buckley
    – Former President Jimmy Carter… “Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis,” by Jimmy Carter
    – Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid… “The Year of Magical Thinking,” by Joan Didion
    – Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, and ‘Protest Mom’ Cindy Sheehan… “S is for Silence,” by Sue Grafton
    – Former President Bill Clinton… “Predator,” by Patricia Cornwell
    – Sen. John Kerry, D-MA… “Flush,” by Carl Hiaasen
    – Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle… “A Feast for Crows,” by George R.R. Martin
    – Former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather… “Mary, Mary,” by James Patterson
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