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    While redecorating a church, three nuns become extremely hot and sweaty in their habits, so Mother Superior says, "Let's take our clothes off, and work naked."
    The other two nuns disapprove, and ask, "What if someone sees us?"
    But the Mother Superior says, "Don't worry, no one will see us, we'll just lock the door."
    So the other nuns agree, strip down and return to work.
    Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door, and grab their clothes in a panic.
    Mother Superior runs to the door and calls through, "Who is it?"
    "Blind man," a man's voice comes back.

    So she opens the door, and lets in the blind man, who turns to the nuns and says, "Great tits, ladies, now where do you want these blinds?"
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    So a poor guy was born without any arms.

    But all his life he heard the cathedral bells ringing, and his life's ambition was to become the cathedral's ringer of the bells.

    Lacking arms to pull the bell ropes he practiced slamming his face into hard objects until he could do so vigorously.

    Well, he went to the cathedral and applied for the job of bell ringer.

    " But my son, you have no arms to pull the ropes" said the Bishop

    "Eminence just give me a chance. I'll prove to you that I can ring the bells by slamming my face into them."

    The Father consented, and the man ran up to the bell-tower, and -- sure enough! -- he slammed his face into those bells. They rang bright and clear and more beautifully than was ever the case when they were rung by ropes.

    Sadly however, in his enthusiasm to ring those bells, the armless man missed one bell and fell many stories down to the floor at the feet of the Bishop.

    Parisoners rushed to the scene to find the man laying on his back, at the bishops feet, dead.

    "This is tragic, Eminence. Who is this unfortunate fellow?" they asked.

    I don't know. I didn't catch his name.." said the Bishop" ....but his face sure rings a bell!"
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