Blame Blame Name calling and finger pointing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cootydog, Aug 16, 2011.

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    These seem to be the only tactics the left have. I never hear anything but how its bush's fault or the Tea Party's fault when in fact for the first two years of Obamanation he had the liberal controlled house and senate not fixing anything while he had the advantage, no just wait until the American People vote in Tea Party rep in the house and start blaming them. The left has become the true enemy of America. The left is nothing more than a bunch of liars and name calling finger pointers, I find it interesting too. The more they hate on the Tea Party the stronger the Tea Party grows. Its actually kinda funny they are hurting their own agenda by trying to play by the leftest rule never admit when your wrong and always point to the right.

    My point is the left has yet to make a good argument for their side, hell for anything, and all the whining and pointing and pissing and moaning they do is helping the conservatives hell I know liberals who are converting to the Tea Party just because of the stupid shit Biden, Obama, and the wonder twins Pelosi and Reid have said and done. So keep up the good work left your making it easier for the right to take all three branches back and straighten out this pile of socialist crap your hero Obama has made of things

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