Black Schools 'Booming'

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    Black schools 'booming'

    An ordinary enough scene, except this is no ordinary school.

    It is Saturday, and few of the 50 or so children here actually attend Holbeach Primary.

    "Black kids don't get an equal chance in our educational system unless you can afford to send them private".
    Shellan Crawford

    They are students at one of the many Saturday schools aimed at black children.

    Flick through the small ads in any black newspaper in any given week and there will be several promoting such schools.

    As reports of black children failing in mainstream education grow, the schools are becoming increasingly popular with parents who have the means to pay for extra tuition.

    The government's most recent statistics on school exclusions showed black pupils were more than six times more likely to be permanently excluded than their white counterparts.

    And a report by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) published in October showed the achievement gap between white pupils and their African-Caribbean classmates had doubled since the late 1980s.
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