Bill Bennett's "Morning in America"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Adam's Apple, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Has anyone ever listened to Bill Bennett's radio program "Morning in America"?
    Kathleen Parker of the Orlando Sentinel gave it a very nice review in her column today. Doesn't sound as if it's much like Rush's program, where he does all the talking and you do all the listening. :)

    When Bill Bennet Listens, People Talk
    By Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel
    April 6, 2005

    Revolutions are not always noisy events. Sometimes they are quiet affairs — the product of long, thoughtful conversations between two people over coffee.

    Or among millions listening, nodding their heads, building a contract through mutual need and mute assent. The success of Bill Bennett's morning talk radio show, which celebrated its first year Tuesday, suggests the latter kind.

    In just one year, Bennett — variously known as America's "drug czar" or, if you're The New York Times, the nation's "leading spokesman" of traditional values — has managed to land 116 markets, including 18 of the top 20.

    By comparison, Al Franken's "Air America," conceived as the antidote to conservative talk radio and launched a week before Bennett's show, airs in just over 50 markets.

    Media analysts can parse the meaning of all this, but the secret to Bennett's success seems clear. He's a grown-up voice at a time when people are weary of childish tantrums in the public square. Just as spring comes when no one can bear another second of winter, Bennett found his radio venue when Americans couldn't stand another minute of broadcast hysterics.

    I am not able to get the Orlando Sentinel url for her column to work. Here it is on another site.
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    Haven't heard his show but I've always have seen him as a man with common sense, political wisdom, and a whole lotta class. Great presidential material IMHO.

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