Biggest NFL Quarterback Flops (Present-Tense)

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    There are plenty of NFL quarterback "flops" who are long gone.........Ryan Leaf, Andre Ware, David Klingler, Heath Schuler, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, ALL former University of Florida quarterbacks, etc., etc., etc.

    But, how about the CURRENT quarterback "flops" or "has-beens" or "never-wases" or "disappointments". Here are some of the "pretenders" on my list:

    Mark Sanchez: Until the Jets figure out that they don't have a legitimate NFL starting quarterback, they will NEVER win a Super Bowl. But, miracles do happen. The Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl with TRENT DILFER (one of the all-time "great" journeymen QBs) as their starting quarterback. The Ravens won with their DEFENSE that year, in spite of Trent Dilfer.

    Matt Leinart: Is he still in the league? I'm not sure. One of the all-time great flops.

    Vince Young: Great college quarterback. Too much of a head case to handle the pressures of being an NFL quarterback.

    Jamarcus Russell: Do I really need to write anything about him?

    Alex Smith: This may be his "breakout" year, but prior to this year, he has been VERY "underwhelming".

    Daunte Culpepper: One of the all-time great "flame-outs". He went from being a stud with the Vikings to being a journeyman after he injured his knee.

    Tim Tebow: OK, it's early for him, and most of the so-called "experts" hate the guy, but I actually like his basic skills. If he gets in the right system, Tebow could be a helluva quarterback. He is a WINNER, which is an intangible that should never be discounted.

    Blaine Gabbert: I don't get why this kid was a number one pick. He has NO CHANCE of being a solid starting NFL quarterback. Easily the WORST quarterback of the large crop of 1st and 2nd round quarterbacks from the most recent NFL draft.

    I'll stop there. I'm sure I missed many. Help!?
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    David Carr - So much promise but failed to deliver!

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