Big Business Private Army In Iraq.

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    I'm far from an expert on this topic...

    I'm only going from what I've read..I can't even quote anything from my past readings on this subject.

    I may go in a complete circle..and make no sense on the subject,or what I'm trying to even make a point on here.

    Share your view..if ya have one.

    I remember an article that Iraq has 140,000 ++ thousand private contractors..(security)..Basically my understanding is this figure is the estimated amount of private security contractors representing U.S. interests.

    That's almost like our troop level..minus 30,000 of course...At the current moment we have almost 170,000 U.S Troops in Iraq.. I think??

    It makes perfect sense that body guards..and private security is needed to get Iraq back on it's feet again.

    I read a quote today..that without private secuirty...No officials could even leave the green zone.

    It would be very..very interesting to see on a chart...what business a majority of these big security firms are representing.

    If a law maker...can't get from point B from the Green Zone..and thus to point B...Then it's still a dam war zone over there....Still a nasty mess.

    I highly doubt if the private security firms are NOT protecting souly just politcal agendas/elected officials..Then what's the large presence of them there for?...I have not read anything that they are protecting,that is in the great interest of the Iraqi people.

    The oil that's in the ground there...helped the Iraqi people more under Hussein...than it does now??...If I'm wrong..speak up..:)

    A full decade will go by as well...I bet that same statement could be said.

    No elected officials..and even the puppet government we set up there are defending these private secuity teams...Who seem to answer to no authority there..and basically have had a right to kill...without dealing with scrutiniy.

    It looks like U.S. Interests there have an equal to our own.

    That's how this looks to me...

    I also have a hunch..that as a majority,we've only heard about U.S. Troop troubled encounters with the Iraqi's...I can just imagine all the hushed stuff we have not heard..Till the Iraqi leader...said enough of this shit..(pardon my language)

    There is no doubt..this war is about money..It's also controlled by the big business there..with there money,and investments into this thing...They have an army of there own there...That seems to answer like not they..that what business they represents gets away with it.

    I don't blame the security,body guards..soldier of fortune type dudes.

    It's who they work for..and nobody like us normal folk can be there,unless it represents this "so called U.S Interest"...I guess that's my question.

    If the loss of innocent Iraqi life is not the issue..and this is such an isolated senario...Why have these people been despised all along prior to this?..It's a pretty big slap in the face to Bush...who could not say squat about it.

    Maybe Bush feels it easier to keep screwing the average joe supporting this war..and paying for it by the way...Than the army that's there in private security..who represent U.S. interest.

    I bet they get full tax breaks..and a write off for the private security they hire..A full return..on every dollar any big business pays to a private security contractor.

    It's one less soldier Bush has to ask for....and you pay for it anyways..:)

    I bet there are some pretty dam good deals..these big companies get.In a way..they are doing half the work...We are doing the other half...:)

    I'm sure you & I..could not capitalize in the Iraqi investment....We're not big enough,nor powerful enough.

    Our investment is our troops..and our tax dollars.

    This war will not make one ounce of difference in any of our lives..But in U.S. Interests it will...Gota ask yourself that.

    It will never save you a nickel...nor will this blunder make you more safe at night...from terrorism.

    The private security..and the business they do...Plays a huge part in all of this...I have a feeling..if they pulled out,and said they had enough...Bush would make a bring the troops home.

    If the place was only good for bananas..or potato farming..We would have ignored those U.N. Regulations Hussein flawnted..and ignored.

    Bush did not use that....he used 911...and WMD's to talk us all into this.

    Iraqi Freedom crap etc....Every 6 months he had somebody in graphics make a pretty sign..that the war was representing something else.

    When all this is over...The only way 140,000 security contractors will be able to stay in if we have 140,000 troops there....Am I wrong?...Then say something.

    I think Bush & the Investors will soon realize all this...

    Ya gota remember...there is some BIG BUSINESS there...I bet they have alot of "influence"...They represent success as well in Iraq...with out them...The adventure is a TOTAL FAILURE.

    Can anybody tell me...that this is about Iraqi freedom anymore?

    We've spent billions as tax payers...and these companies have invested billions as well...I believe if we knew more in detail...what majority of these private security companies there interest...I think we'd see a pretty clear picture.

    What that picture is?...I don't know?...Honestly I don't.

    It's also funny..that if this war was about Saddam defying U.N Regulations...which would not have talked America into war with them by the way..(my opinion)..Bush defied a majority of U.N. Nations against the Iraq War....and pounded the idea into not just us,but the world the "WMD" as the main reason...

    He basically made it out...that what was going on in Iraq in worse than what's happening today...Hahahahaha..:)

    I can't believe the U.S. Interest over far as up to 140,000 security personal,that represents just probably what influences this administration the most.

    If the Iraqi People do despise these people...Just as that puppet leader said..Nouri al-Maliki ...who won't be around much longer..Maybe he's saying to late.

    Odds are...without the sheer numbers of private security.The troops might have been home along time ago...because Bush is smart enough not to use U.S. Troops..for overly promoting what the true U.S. Interest really is in Iraq.

    I guess we're lucky it's not 300,000 troops...Half troops..and the other half soldiers of fortune who represent U.S. Interest....I know dam's a tax write off for whatever companies hire these people...but yet our military is what makes there job possible.

    The bottom line is...we got an army keeping the puppet government going.....and a private army who represents U.S. Interest...Big Business.

    If iraq so revolted..and was upset with the private security thugs..They said..."They must all leave"..Not allowed..Only American Soldiers will be acceptable...

    Bush would shit..and he'd need a force of 400, make any kind of victory...because the only victory is business there.

    His war was not only a blunder to the American People...but the big business as well...who were ready to go in there/did with there own army to get the job done.

    Big business figured Iran backfired on there ass...a lesson not learned.

    Hugo Chevez should of came along a couple more years before all this...He shows that countries do just fine..without U.S. meddling.

    This almost reminds me..of that stupid movie...When Ross Perot hires a general to get his fat ass workers out Iran...

    But this time...going back into that part of the world..These big companies hire security exempt of...well...everything..."Get the job done".

    As far as I'm concerned...geting Iraq back on its feet should have been the first concern...I also believe more ground work was layed out for these companies going into Iraq...than the plans for the aftermath.

    It's not gona work/be tolertated with the Iraqi People..that if 30,000 of our troops get to come home in 6 months...That 30,000 more soldiers of fortune arrive.......Can you see where I'm coming from??...(laughing)

    These compounds...Green Zone crap work great for U.S. Interest...Bunkers that Hitler would of been jealous of.

    We made a mistake...we should at least...Ummmm?.If we do stay the course..Make a government there possible....Then work with it...That's a pipe dream in a bubble...

    Because that's the only U.S. Interest we troops..and tax payers can benift from such a blunder that was created.

    A true working government would not benifit us in Iraq...(smile)..Big business wise...maybe.

    It would in fighting terrorism..if that was the U.S. true goal to establish something that works over there from the start of all this....

    Odds are...and facts show terrorism was not a problem in Iraq from the start though.

    Taking over Iraq..was not to liberate them....We can all agree on that...Right?

    Bush could of called up his old History Teacher from the 9th grade...and he'd probably of talked him out of all this...there is no dam example I can come up with...Bush is unique.

    The troops know they don't want us there...they are sick of us..hate us.

    This is page one news folks..and you all know it's true.

    This..these..all the private security firms represet U.S. Interest....That's us to the the voter.

    You..we..the American people should take serious every bullet they fire in Iraq..and it's target..We hold our troops to that level of standard/accountability.

    If my "F'ing" U.S. Interests are in the other half of the soldiers of fortune who represent us there.I hold them accountable for there actions as well.

    Also...Oil is one thing that should not represent us..If this be the case.

    I bet 90% of people of influence in the oil regions there..Not the Iraqi Government.

    It's really sad...when we occupy a country flaunting it's leader ignored U.N..what-have-yous...get him hung for war crimes...Then profit off his death.

    I find it ironic...that a man who was deserving of such a crime,came to his fate by U.S. Justice...(smile)...If he would of lived in Somalia..or some African Nation..he would of died from old age...flaunting those U.N. regulations..:)

    I guess I'll wrap this topic up...that it's really a war on U.S. Interests...These contractors..(nice name)..our digging in there feet..

    Our foriegn policy is down the toilet...and the only way the U.S. can hold onto a country is with a small army..and an army that like these security firms who really seem to have...well tactics that of that....I'll shut my mouth.

    There setting up shop folks....Just know...Iraq is not not gona allow 200,000 of these security personal(soldiers of fortune) exchange for bringing the troops home..:)

    In a years time from now...or even say 3 years from now...That all troops will be home?....(grin)...I guess you could say that the 140,000 in security(soldiers of fortune) will be replaced with Iraqi's as well..:)

    If Bush could even bring the standards of living to a 85% level of that under Hussein....Hillary would jump on the band wagon as well...Promise something stupid..(career politicians)

    I just felt like Bush turned green in the face...side stepped the question when asked about Blackwater..and Hired Secuirty...I feel it's what/who they represent...and the mass numbers of them.

    I just feel..well we needed a surge to stop Iraq slipping into..utter doom..but covertly we adjust security...I can't prove we as a tax payer...that somehow get stiffed with the bill.

    These security soldiers of fortune...are only gona be there as long as our troops are...If it takes 140,000 of'll take an army to back them up.

    I don't see shit changing for them either..but they are more determined than we as a people..(voters)..And look at this entirely differently than the troops serving.

    It's U.S. Interests...and those serving U.S. Interests.

    I guess I made no sense...but shit sure does smell more by the day,with this Iraq thing....That's just what it is....

    Bring our troops home...Damit....Big business can certainly afford there own army over there...but if it come to tax breaks...We as tax payer can not.

    Private ass...Big business playing army.

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