BHO and the Dems in congress have made it worse, allot worse

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JRK, Sep 27, 2012.

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    1) added 4-500 billion to the baseline budget and allowed that baseline to run our debt up to a place we cannot fix it
    2) Class warfare
    3) added millions to govt. handouts
    4) No real tax policy other than Clintons, were we will be back too in 2013. This is the biggest reason bid business has not rebounded
    5) Ignored and harmed the coal, oil and gas industry. real recovery comes from jobs. without Texas, N.D., S.D. Oklahoma, etc... there is 0 job creation
    6) No real leadership. wasted 2 years on Obama-care
    7) Lied about how we will pay for Obama-care. i support different parts of this plan, but not the lies nor the mandate that includes the choice of what medications an independent company covers. Is not enough that we allow the killing of unborn children? Now I am to pay for that pill that ends that life?

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