Beware! Clinton the Politician is Back

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    Clinton's back selling snake oil. Isn't it sad that the Democrats have to depend on a discredited politican for its leadership? A "fresh start" was what Clinton offered in his campaign against Bush 41 in 1992, so is the country really ready for anymore of Clinton's "fresh starts." And beware when Clinton starts using such words as "covenant". He has publicly demonstrated that he doesn't know the meaning of that word.

    Clinton Comeback
    By Richard Wolffe and Holly Bailey, Newsweek
    October 18, 2006

    Clinton declared his political comeback Wednesday with a set-piece speech that is aimed, according to his aides, at framing his governing philosophy in the context of the 2006 elections. Clinton’s goal: to show why his philosophy works, and why Bush’s doesn’t. Clinton, of course, doesn’t cite Bush’s name. But he hardly pulls his punches against what he calls “the leadership in Washington today.”

    In theory, Wednesday’s speech marked the 15th anniversary of Clinton’s “new covenant” speech at Georgetown University. In practice, it marked a reinventing of Clinton’s themes—three weeks before the congressional elections—for today’s problems.

    Back in 1991 (as he was running for president), Clinton explained his new covenant like this: “People once looked at the president and the Congress to bring us together, to solve problems, to make progress. Now, in the face of massive challenges, our government stands discredited, our people are disillusioned. There’s a hole in our politics where our sense of common purpose used to be.” (and who is responsible for the fact that the President and the Congress can no longer work together to solve our problems?)

    Now the disillusion and discontent is fueled more by war than the economy. But Clinton is still trying to offer a vision of what he calls the “common good” instead of division over taxes, culture and conflict. “We believe in mutual responsibility. They believe that, in large measure, people make or break their own lives and you’re on your own,” he explained in today’s speech. “We believe in striving, at least, to cooperate with others because we think that there are very few problems in the world we can solve on our own. They favor unilateralism whenever possible, and cooperation when it’s unavoidable.”
    (I'll bet he bit his lip when he said that to show his emotional involvement/concern. :))

    Clinton touched on some old themes: what he sees as the GOP’s giveaways to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans, instead of his policy priorities: expanded health care, fiscal responsibility and tax cuts for the middle class. But he also outlined a New Democrat’s approach to foreign policy. “I think the common-good approach on national security worked,” he said. “It was a combination of carrots and sticks. We did have military encounters. We didn’t succeed at everything we tried to do, but I think on balance the world was safer when we stopped than when we started(Is it possible he doesn't know that America was attacked by terrorists on 9/11/01?)

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