Between Obamney and Robama I Have No Self-Interested Vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by commonsensenow, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Either one of these clowns is gonna bankrupt us. Obamney will starve the treasury and since we've already been spent blind by Bushbama, Robama will just finish the job and spend us deaf and dumb to boot.

    I don't begrudge the rich their gelt ... it's the way things are, the nature of the game. Yeah, it's not cynical to admit that an elite is inevitable, it's just realistic. But history is replete with examples of greedy elites bringing down the house around their ears because there was noone to save them from themselves.

    To re-iterate -- while I might be envious of Mitt Romney, I'm not bitter about it or covetous of what he has. What he got he got by the rules of the road. But why is his tax rate like half that of some schmoe pulling in $60 or $80K and busting his ass to keep up with his mortgage so his kid doesn't have to go through a metal-detector to get to homeroom?

    I mean, how many fucking yachts do you need already? ... ok, forget that ... you can have as many as you want but making me pay more in taxes so that you can get your next one is pure unadulterated bullshit.

    Now before I go on from here, I simply have to issue the main snipe about the other side, lest I be mistaken for some one-earing wearing, vulva-drivin' coffiehouse-commie-metrosexual that tends to get confused between Albert Gore and Albert Einstein.

    A THIRD of the country on fucking welfare? Are you FUCKING KIDDING me???

    More on that in a sec, but I'm not done with that pinko elephant Obamney yet, ... Is there really anyone naive or stupid enough on this message board to actually swallow the notion that the proposed "Tax Reform" will actually be either revenue-neutral or revenue-positive? Does anyone really think that letting those fucking vampires drain the bloodbank is going to be good for public health? The theory goes that they can make up for cutting top rates down to 25% by "closing loopholes".


    It'll just be a giveaway to their buddies. Pure and simple. When all is said and done, there will be loopholes for you... as long as you've paid your bribe to the lawmakers.

    Make no mistake, elect Obamney and the tip of the spear aimed directly at the gut of what is left of middle-class America will be found on the point of Paul Ryan's widows-peak. Romney and the rest of the Republicans will have to pay dearly to buy off the other side on "Tax Reform" and any promises about serious budget cuts will be the first talk-farts to be carried away by the next stiff breeze.

    And what's the alternative? The only bright spot to the disaster that's been the last 4 years of Robama has been his foriegn-policy saavy (osama-been-hide'n ... where?), and if you haven't figured that out yet, the solution is quite simple:

    Step 1: Compare Libya and Iraq.
    Step 2: Shut the Fuck Up

    Soooo ... this might lead us to believe that possibly ... just maybe, Robama might extend his demonstrated common sense in this arena and start to put the brakes on the rate of increase of the 2nd largest portion of the bloated budgets. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that noone flies over Central Park unless we say so and no, I haven't missed the fact that there hasn't been a repeat of 9/11 ... but my guess is we can still have that with $4 trillion fucking dollars instead of $6 trillion. Ask anyone privately who's ever worked for that machine. If you work for it, your purpose is to spend money. I'm not kidding. That's how you get promoted.

    But let's get realistic.

    A THIRD of the country on fucking welfare? Are you FUCKING KIDDING me??? And that doesn't even account for the people working for the defense contractors ... not exactly the same thing, true, but in the end a tax burden is a tax burden whether you get something for it or not.

    A 2nd-term Robama will bargain guns for butter ... he'll sign off on the out-of-control military increases as a bargaining chip for more food stamps and a horn of unemployment-check-plenty. More bought loyalty. That's some expensive stuff, in many more ways than one.

    And oh, by the way, have you noticed yet that by 2014 if you're not employed by a large corporation but if you make anywhere near the median income you're about to see your taxes damn near doubled with the proceeds to be sucked up with zero gratitude by a medical-industrial-complex that is likely to give you next to nothing for your money?

    Robama is adding as much to the debt in his first four years as Bushbama did in his total dismal eight. The excuse of a recession is no better than the excuse of a disastrous debacle of a war of choice against a nation that didn't attack us out of a mis-directed oedipal urge to simultaneously surpass, defy and avenge your father.

    Newsflash guys-and-gals-in-power ... get your shit together and figure out how to bring this debt bomb in for a soft landing or risk being judged very very harshly in the eyes of future historians. Right now we're on a path toward disaster, and that, by definition is your failure ... not that many of you really seem to care about that.

    The history on any type of "third way" to get us out of this mess is pretty dismal ... unraveling the status-quo is usually a violent and messy process.

    Perhaps these days things are different. Perhaps now we have the tools to do this differently. After all, it seems that the nuts are running the asylum right now ... as if the angry and passionate fringes are exactly who power must be wrested from.

    Just one election, just one victory by someone not a Republican or Democrat at the national level had on the strength of ideas using the tools of social networking and new media and with no money. Just one of those would scare the shit out of the people in power who seem determined to deprive me of the choice to vote my self interest in federal elections.

    In the meantime, all I can do is route for gridlock baby.
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    This post says just about everything.
    At the same time, what does it say?
    There is a general impression that a third way, other than the two party dictatorship, is what is encouraged.
    That is a good idea!

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