Being “Muslims” why you not offer “namaz”

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    Being “Muslims” why you not offer “namaz”

    I want to share my knowledge that beings Muslim’s every adult men’s and women’s have to offer “Namaz” which is mandatory and no one excused or exempted for not offer Namaz or you are so busy person can’t spare time to offer “namaz” which is too amazing.

    When a Muslim’s followers offer Namaz its means realizing God countless blessing. Suppose if a stranger person help you when you in trouble or need than you offered him “thanks” and not remembered that gentleman but also talked his support among your friends circle and close family members, than why you forget God who is more merciful and giving all human beings countless blessing without any difference or conditions.

    I would say that In Holy month of Ramzan all mosques House full. Why you people beings Muslim’s remembered God on seasonal basis especially in holy month of Ramzan than entire 11 months on Holidays or do not remembered God.

    I want to convey message to all Muslim’s when prayer time comes than you should do not delay for “namaz” but offer prayers at right time to get additional blessing and affection from God.

    It is common habit of all Muslims when in trouble or problem than remembered God otherwise when full of blessing and peaceful life’s than God comes out of his paradise life’s which is evil thinking. But God is testing you by giving surplus wealth and power and want to see how you are obeying or dis - obeying God at this stage.

    In last I would say for those who never skip or misses their daily 5 times namaz at any situation when become ill or full of problem lfes than do not think to drop namaz and solve his problem are true Muslims followers.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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