Bull Ring Baz Ares EN CL: Treating LGBT identity and beliefs as faith based still makes them real

Discussion in 'The Bull Ring' started by emilynghiem, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Baz Ares responded to me on a previous older thread, contesting the idea of treating LGBT identity and beliefs as faith based, arguing that these are real.

    My response is they can still be real and still be recognized as faith based.

    I am starting a side thread just to clarify this point before we finish here or on that previous thread.

    Baz Ares (and cc: Chuz Life)
    Are you okay with recognizing that Christian beliefs and identity
    and LGBT beliefs and identity could both be treated equally as
    "faith based" to protect either one from being established or prohibited by govt.
    This does NOT affect how real they are but guarantees protections of those
    choices WITHOUT REQUIRING PROOF since they are recognized as FAITH BASED.

    What is your response to this premise?

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