Bat-eating Supercell

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    South Texas can become a BATtleground of nature: bats, that is, caught up in the environment around a large and dangerous thunderstorm. This happened in the early evening of 19 March 2006, as part of a swarm of bats was overtaken by a tornado-warned supercell over eastern Val Verde County and southwestern Edwards County.

    Numerous caves dot the thick limestone beds of the Edwards plateau in South Texas. A couple dozen of them house about 100 million free-tailed bats from spring through autumn, according to the Texas State Handbook. Every evening during those seasons, the bats leave their daytime, underground refuges and take to the skies for a mass feast on flying insects. On radar, bat swarms in south-central Texas commonly appear as expanding rings or donuts during late afternoon and early evening, their collective echoes diffusing as they fly upward and outward from their cavernous homes.


    Read about and see Storm Relative Reflectivity look & MOTION IMAGES HERE=>: Latest Cool Image from SPC
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