Barack Obama I hope this is not "hope and change"

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    CHANGE #1: Despite Pledging To Withdraw American Troops From Iraq Immediately,Barack Obama Now Says He Would "Refine" His Policy After Listening To The Commanders On The Ground.

    Now we hear it 16 months, he has repeatedly denied the "surge" has worked.So what are we to believe here? He is appealing to his base? A base that wants us out of Iraq no matter what the consequences? Then when looking at the polls, he changes his mind?

    CHANGE #2: Despite Pledging To Accept Public Financing, Barack Obama Has Reversed His Position And Opted Out Of The System.

    Barack Obama, has this message that he likes to send "hope and change", that he is somehow above all the corruption in Washington. It's just an image, the facts are his "hope and change"message are just that, a message to win votes nothing more. Don't believe it, His record on voting for pork is well known, his VP is well known for accepting lobby and PAC money
    from all over the place. This is not "hope and change" it's more of the same in a nice suit.

    CHANGE #3: Barack Obama Is Backtracking On His Support For Unilaterally Renegotiating NAFTA

    This one just shows the how unprepared he is to lead the nation. After seeing how the economyunder NAFTA really works. His appeal to the Unions that think NAFTA is a disaster was short lived.

    CHANGE #4: Barack Obama Is Considering Reducing Corporate Taxes Despite Having Called Corporate Tax Cuts "The Exact Wrong Prescription For America"

    I have said repeatedly that Obama's 300 or so advisors need to tell him that this message of companies are bad so we must tax them is going to do nothing but cause more companies to move offshore and lose more amierican jobs. So someone in that 300 must have made him see the light on this at least a little bit.

    CHANGE #5: Barack Obama Has Changed Positions On The D.C. Handgun Ban

    Another look into how to get vote's after looking at the polls .

    CHANGE #6: As A Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama Criticizes The Administration's Energy Policy Despite Having Voted For The 2005 Bush-Cheney Energy Bill.

    This is not surprising, as Barack Obama in the Senate and Barack Obama Presidential Candidate are two very different people. What little experience there is. I will let you read the rest of his amazing yet constant changes for yourselves as it would take forever to put them in one thread.
    In short it shows, a man with little experience, who is groping for solutions to meet the image of Barack Obama portrayed by a media that is hopelessly in love with him.

    Comprehensive Obama flip flop list: constantly updated

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