Bankers make an end run around the 2nd admendment

Discussion in 'US Constitution' started by RodISHI, Apr 30, 2018.

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    What rights and liberties will they try to take away or what will they make/force you buy next? Are you all going to keep giving it all away freely?

    If this kind of chit of limiting what you can buy or own with your own hard earned money is currently legal then they need to put a tighter leash on the bankers by changing the legality of it!

    I saw what the bank take mess did as big banks (mainly I observed Wells Fargo/Norwest because that is who went after us) did as they bought or took over smaller banks. Bankers and credit card companies cheated people in all sorts of ways out of their hard earned money. The one bank we had for years even put a lien on our home in Idaho that they never ever had a mortgage to boost their books to give their books an appearance of being more stable than they actually were. I have no clue how many people they may have done that to but it sure did piss me off when I discovered what they had done. They added our home that at that point was assessed to be worth a half mil per a tax assessor as a part of their assets when it wasn't (the value of our home didn't matter to us because it was our home, not a bank or mortgage companies assets). Rod had paid for it in full twenty years previously and we fixed and built it a piece at a time with money we earned and saved even if it was only $10.00 or $20.00 a month that we could afford for materials nails and such. We didn't own a microwave, tv or have a credit card for years. We carried cash with us to pay our bills or cost when traveling for our maintenance company business because merchants out of town weren't sure about accepting checks. We employed thirty people and were doing close to a half a million a year before I ever considered getting a credit card. Even then it bothered me to have to use a card as it was if I had to have or get permission from a banker tell me where and how we should be spending our money along with service charges and expenses of having that card every year. People have gone from that to today where you have big fund managers and bankers who believe that they have a right to tell everyone how and what they will think, do, say or believe and if that isn't with the scope of what they think you should be doing you are supposedly probably a criminal, crazy, or whatever else label they can manage to slam onto you. I can hear it now, "We'll make them". The evil ones (of spirit) take it by force and coercion people. They are attempting to give you an illusion of safety and claiming guarantees of comfort and bliss when they are not here in this world.

    If they can't get Congress to stop all gun sales, and take it all over state by state because they feel it is taking too long get three credit card companies are going to deny all gun, ammo, and accessories purchases (VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX). A nice quiet way to manipulate the policy and people from a back room. People were warned about the dangers of a credit card monopoly of personal economy that was sold on the premise of being "safer than cash," though hiding all the other dangers of identify theft, fraudulent purchases, stolen cards, unauthorized cards, hacking into their computers and theft of consumer data, etc., which appeared thereafter. Passed laws to limit the amount of cash a person can have on them and then tried to lessen that amount every chance possible. If you earned your cash honestly they can seize that cash through force if anyone doesn't abide in their desires and liberty walks out the door.

    I wouldn't have a problem with digital currency if the bankers were not allowed to strip off their cut to make themselves rich and attempt to control everyone else but that is not the case. When the government owns and controls every aspect of this digital money right down to the accounting, transfers and ATM's (which they should own anyhow) then maybe they can do away with cash but they would stop there. Next they would making it illegal for you to trade chickens with your neighbors because they can't get a cut of it to pay for more government controls over private affairs and decisions people make.

    Shock: Banks, Credit Card Cos to Start Monitoring Gun Purchases
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