Back to school sales gloomy

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    Back-to-School Sales Down - Video

    According to experts, back-to-school retail sales act as a barometer for the rest of the year. So far, the forecast doesn't look good, reports Anthony Mason.

    That trepidation over trendiness combined with warm weather and a cool economy are keeping back to school sales down across the country. The National Retail Federation said less than 10 percent of families have had completed their back-to-school shopping, the lowest figure in four years.

    Analysts say retailers are worried that kids won’t return to the stores to buy all those trendy new items. The back to school shopping season is the second biggest of the year, behind Christmas.

    Those fears could be founded if the Grafstrom girls, and other like them across the country, decide to buck the trends this fall and wait it out even longer.

    “If we can’t afford it, I can always tell them to just put it on their Christmas list,” said Graftstrom.

    Obama's poor economy continues to drag down the country...........:eusa_whistle:

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