Astronomer Tracking Instructions For The Elenin Comet

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    This topic is all about providing every amateur astronomer the tools needed to point your telescope in the right direction for tracking the Elenin Comet (Wiki). You must have Google Earth (download) installed on your computer that hopefully has sufficient capabilities to execute a file that holds all the Elenin coordinates. Open your Google Earth program and hit 'View' then 'Explore' then 'Sky.'

    Elements and Ephemeris for C/2010 X1 (Elenin)

    Now open the link and move down until you see the KML file link:

    Download the KML file to your computer. Now with Google Sky running execute the file. Some people have complained that their system cannot perform this function. You should be looking at a series of yellow pins showing the daily position of our ELE object like this:

    Zoom in carefully to note the pinned information shows the dates that came from the ELE coordinate data. Now you can pinpoint the exact location of this object, before heading out to use the telescope.

    ELEnin Current Position:

    Today our Elenin object passes directly over 58 Leo in the direction of a straight line drawn between 58 Leo and 59 Leo above. Tomorrow (4/09/2011) this Elenin object crosses that 58 Leo/59 Leo line directly in between these two reference points. This ELEnin object (link) will be located directly below NGC 3423 on 4/17/2011 going into 4/18/2011. Happy hunting.
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    Big ol' asteroid comin' nearby too...
    Earth to get very close look at a huge asteroid
    4/8/2011 - Flyby in November sparks extensive campaign for all kinds of observations
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    To view Nibiru/Planet X is go to Google and press Mars, which is listed underneath the search bar. When you see the map press Infrared and you will see it glaring to the right of Mars. There is nothing we can do about this except thank God that it is not effecting a gravitational pull on our planet. If it were exhibiting the pull of a planet the size of Jupiter we would already be dead. I was educated that we are a binary system. If you purchase ISBN 0-528-82394-9 (1985) you will see on pages 40 & 41 the eliptical orbit of Nibiru/Planet X drawn in Red as it comes in beneath the plane and then exits above. So, put this into the JPL map of the planets as of today and all the puzzle pieces fit together. If we base 3600 year model, then we are going to face what the Minoans did: Increased volcanic activity. Those who survived made it to the shores of Greece and formed the beginnings of that civilization. The year was 300 days back in the time of the Mayans. It is now 365. This is the difference in the calculation of the orbit. What you have to do is subtract 3600 from 2011 and kepp doing that and you can correlate its arrival to historical artifacts. What we have to remember is that our eyes are limited to the type of light we can see. That is why the spectrum is call the "Visible Light Spectrum". This is the need for infrared. The red that may be visible in other photos is from lithium. I am 52 years old. People in my age bracket were educated to the binary model. That changed for the generation of textbooks published in the 1990s. I had had a website which was titled I cancelled it when I would get a lot of horrible personal commentary. When I was attacked personally, I knew I was correct. Go and look at Mars, click on Infrared and you will see it as it is today. This is the only way to track it as the coordinates and online "debunkers" purposefully put out false information to lead sincere people to vast areas of the universe to see falsely imbedded cubes. April.

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