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    ( 1 ) If you are not AMERICAN get off my land !! ( 2 ) If you are an illegal immigrant here in the U.S.A., you became a criminal as defined by the LAW of this country,once you crossed the borders illegally. ( 3 )AMERICAN soldiers are fighting in places like Iraq and Aphgan for our AMERICAN freedom. So now we, as AMERICANS at home, must do our part and protect what is ours. We must not share our AMERICAN rights nor change our LAWS at the demand of illegal immigrants for their own benefit. PERIOD !!! ( 4 ) ALL organizers of protesting demonstrations against the new ARIZONA immigration LAW have no legal forum to fight or make change in these UNITED STATES OF AMERICA either for themselves or illegal immigrants. THE ORGANIZERS GOAL IS TO LAY OUT THE BAIT AND HAVE THE " ROACHES " COME OUT AND EAT FROM THEIR DIRTY HANDS * Hope the state of TEXAS will follow in the footsteps of the great state of ARIZONA cause Washington does NOT have the backbone............Suicide Bomber -KKK Big Targets.....Large crowd...... Hope no one gets hurt I am a proud AMERICAN !!!

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