Arab-Israel war of 1967 which last only 6 days

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    Karachi, Pakistan
    Arab-Israel war of 1967 which last only 6 days
    I want to share that Arab – Israel War of 1967 which last 6 days in which Syria, Egypt and Jordan face a shameful defeat and do not destroy any single tank or aircraft of enemy i.e. Israel.

    It means Israel a country is so strong and powerful fought war with 3 Arab countries and gave all of them a memorable defeat.

    But when the same Israel attack Hizbullollah in Lebanon to gave him defeat than more interesting to share Hizbullollah have no organize army or support of navy or air force but give a defeat that reasons Israel left the strong hold position in Lebanon and never try to re-capture.

    The secret behind Arab defeat they more proud to be Arab than Muslims and Hizbulloallah success to defeat Israel they more believe and trust in God, expect all help from God no doubt Iran gave whole support as USA giving support to Israel.

    If any country can think they can defeat Iran than mistaken and underestimate Iran strength and power, If Israel can't success to defeat Hizbullollah than Iran is bigger organize army only in dream one can defeat Iran or Hizbullollah

    According to Latest information which I collect from net Israel is the 9th in the world who got strong AIR FORCE with latest equipment and modern technology but Hizbullollah have no rank in the world after that defeat Israel a big question mark and worries both Israel and America how it can be possible.

    Why Arab countries and Muslim countries leaders more loyal and sincere to American but forgotten how terrible end of Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussain both leaders worked for United States. Never get lesson before too late ( you have no time left)

    Thanking You

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    Ashfaq Sharif
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    Sharif baby----try to get your facts straight Israel did lose aircraft and lots of men and vehicles in the 1967 war -----Israel won ----that's all. As to Lebanon---the vile and disgusting Hezbollah dogs fought that one in the manner of the dogs they are. They were, at first, sneaking around in order to murder people by surprise and then the filthy dogs aimed their Iranain missile launchers at the heads of babies in northern Israel in order to murder for their pig "god" Israel certainly did achieve its objective of stopping them-----by responding to the attack------Israel certainly did not want to stick around and deal with the filthy scum on a daily basis------there is no need and, in fact, the area where the Hezbollah scum are stationed-----ie SOUTH OF THE LITANI RIVER------requires shipments of both food and water just to keep the filthy scum over there alive. Iran pays now-----why would Israel ant to be stuck feeding tens of thousands of disgusting dogs? Try to learn something about the situation----NOBODY WANTS THAT WASTELAND which is the area south of the Litani River and the northern border of Israel except the Hezbollah dogs who like to murder babies for their pig-god Iran is still letting people back home starve just to keep the Hezbollah dogs barking

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