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Discussion in 'Congress' started by AVG-JOE, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Your Imagination
    Feel free to write in "Average Joe" on your ballot.

    I favor Sales Tax over income tax - if you can afford a Mercedes, you should pay Mercedes tax... if the best you can do on your income is a '92 Yugo, the same tax rate applied seems fair to me.

    Not to mention the savings in bureaucracy alone if we move tax collection from the consumer level to the retail level - wholesale level would be even better, but let's take baby steps...


    Health Care Reform

    What is the definition of ‘Insurance’…

    Participants contribute to a pool of funds to cover agreed on future losses. Approved claims are paid from the pool. The pool of funds is managed by professional people to soften future claims and show a profit for the underwriters

    I think We, The People should form our own insurance pool as a step toward healthcare reform...

    How low could the cost of coverage go if the profit currently going to the insurance corporations instead went towards claims? How simplified could the paperwork get if “How will this affect our share price” was not a criterion for an offer of coverage or a payment of claims?

    Note that I do NOT believe that anyone is entitled to health care. It is a service, like Jiffy Lube - The idea that I'm entitled to free car maintenance, no matter if my car smokes or not, is ludicrous.

    The question is... How do we make the costs reasonable and fair for those who can afford it? The next question would be How can We, The People afford to help our citizens who can't afford 'reasonable' and still make health care something each individual has a personal vested interest in.


    Cleaning up W's big mess

    I favor dividing Iraq into 3 provinces - Shiite, Kurd, and Sunni, build a fence if we have to, separate the squabbling tribes and get the heck out of there. I think we could get the bulk of our troops out in 4 years or less if we sent enough guys and gave them a clear mission of dis-arming and separating the sects from each other while they cool down. Then we would only need a big enough force to protect their resource - let them have access to their oil fields when they can figure out a way, on their own to stop killing each other...

    Vote JOE!!
    We, The People ARE smart enough!

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