America? Your team or mine?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cootydog, Aug 15, 2011.

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    It seems to me after watching both sides for years monitoring all the leftest and right wing extremist and all those claiming ground in the middle, there is only one thing a man needs to do and that is follow the money. The only thing I can remember the Congress ever having all voted the same is on their raises, vacation days, and anything else about THEM.( not the American people who elected them)

    Our president is a joke. I hear the left and they just drool bull shit every where they go and with every word they read. We all know they do not say anything without someone approving it and getting it on the prompter. I hear the right and they make more sense. Hands down, however they too are guilty of bashing the other side(team)

    How can anyone buy into the lies of the Democrats? how can big government and spreading the wealth be good for anyone. Socialism is whats wrong with us now. Too many entitlement programs and both sides are to blame.

    When are we going to ever stop the game and fix the country? We can start by eliminating the Federal Reserve. Stop sending jobs to china Made in America use to be something that was built the best. Something we were proud of here in America.
    Obama is only right about one thing we have had it too good for too long, other wise we would still realize working 12 hours a day for 50 years is how you get from middle to upper class you save and invest and WORK. getting a government check is not how to achieve anything but poverty.

    The government cant keep writing checks to welfare if the people who pay taxes one day say enough and go off the grid. I know impossible, no its improbable not impossible.

    Any way, how can this be about who's team is right when all I see and hear is Bull SHIT coming from both sides and America is steadily sinking while they decide who has the bigger dick and I for one, as an American citizen born in North Texas and live here today, am tired of it. I think if Americans cant find the common ground that we are all Americans, not LIBS AND CONS and tea party people, that we are Americans, we are doomed. Doomed because of our own stupidity, laziness, obesity, comfort, and flat out spoiled ass Americanized one owes us shit, we have to work for it. Obama kills jobs.

    So what team will take over when the others stale mate, and china or russia says hell yeah their week lets take over. Keep your guns and keep em loaded.
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