Akin and others are amatuers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GoneBezerk, Aug 21, 2012.

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    The Tea Party overall is a good movement but they have supported some KOOKS and idiots over the years.

    Harry Reid is the Senate leader because the Tea Party in Nevada put an idiot up against him despite him being a criminal in a dead corpse.

    Now we have this Akin idiot talking about good and bad rapes, that asshole needs to drop kicked off the political stage. Republicans should run a Independent against him in the November election to give the people of MO a legit candidate.

    The Tea Party with their good ideas of saving money, slicing the size of Govt, etc are just amatuers at picking political leaders that can be allowed out of their cage for public display.

    My parents are like Tea Party people, they have good intentions but have no clue about some people being ticking timebombs and they are easily duped by TV preachers.

    The Tea Party has been good and bad for the GOP, but today it is all bad because that piece of shit won't quit in MO and now has Obamination claiming the GOP supports rapes.

    Go to hell Akin!

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