Airbus to build Assembly plant in Alabama

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    They join Toyota, Mercedes-Benz et al in sourcing jobs to....not say, California, where in we have a plentiful and sophisticated work force, tons of manufacturing and assembly floor space available but Alabama....and I wonder, does being a right to work state have anything to do with it? :rolleyes:

    Nothing the NLRB can do about this though.......;)


    $600 million facility in Mobile, Alabama is now due to turn out 40 to 50 jetliners yearly by 2018, with about 1,000 full-time employees. Airbus now assembles A320s at its plants in Germany, France and China.

    Even without the global politics of airline manufacturing, the economic incentives for Airbus to build more plants in France are difficult. With a headcount of 1,000, the new plant would easily surpass France's various thresholds for taking on a welter of worker "protections" and the burden of union bureaucracies.

    Airbus says its sister company, American Eurocopter, already operates in Mississippi and Texas

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    Review & Outlook: Airbus Over Alabama -

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