AGAIN and Again proof MSM IS BIASED!!!

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    Most intelligent people KNOW the MSM has been biased against GOP/Conservatives for 20+ years and this Benghazi attack is further proof by 17% to 4%!!!

    This article explains how the BIASED MSM supported, promoted and bought into the "spontaneous protest.. i.e fault of the video"!

    "CMPA analysts said press accounts framed the attack as a spontaneous protest — the Obama administration's initial version of events — four times more often than they called it a terrorist assault, which was what Republicans and even some Democrats identified it as in the days right after Sept. 11.
    The study graded news stories based on their use of words and phrases that touched on themes such as free speech, security problems and terrorism.
    "The Benghazi attack was depicted in terms related to a spontaneous protest (emphasized by the Obama administration)
    over four times as often as a planned attack (emphasized by Republicans) — 17% vs. 4% of the coverage, respectively," the CMPA concluded.

    Study: Media accepted Obama version of Benghazi attack - Washington Times

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