Afghanistan War News Updates -- October 17, 2012

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    by War News Updates Editor @ War News Updates: Afghanistan War News Updates -- October 17, 2012

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    This Story Of A Seven-Month Afghanistan Deployment Is The Grittiest You Will Ever Read -- Geoffrey Ingersoll and Robert Johnson, Business Insider

    The documentary Armadillo follows a platoon of Danish soldiers as they endure a six-month deployment to Afghanistan in what ends up being the bloodiest two years of the war, fought in Helmand, the most dangerous province of the country.

    The grunts start off green, inexperienced, unseasoned, even innocent. But as they explore the depths, the frustrations, and the subtle horrors of the cold moral abyss that is the face of combat, they discover things about themselves they never knew, until Afghanistan demanded an answer.

    Read more .... Combat Outpost Armadillo In Pictures - Business Insider


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