Afghanistan Leaders Are Still Corrupt As Hell

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    It’s part of their culture and there isn’t a thing western forces can do about it. We either accept it or do what we should’ve done years ago – get out!

    Afghan officials are behind.

    That’s a suspect turnaround.

    What’s the problem? There are five problems, and they’re all bureaucratic garbage!

    Things don’t look good in the long run.

    According to the global corruption index maintained by Transparency International, Afghanistan ranks 177 out of 180 in terms of public perceptions of corruption — just above war-torn Syria, war-torn South Sudan, and war-torn Somalia. Something tells me another trillion bucks over another 17 years probably won’t help fix that problem.

    The entire SIGAR report is linked to in the article @ Afghanistan Leaders Are Still Corrupt As Hell, Unsurprising New Report Says
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