Adopting children in NC pays. Is twenty years enough?

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    Is twenty years enough time for people who molest children?

    What else has the major media networks failed to report in the Frank McCorkle Lombard case concerning the adopted African American children he and his partner Ken Shipp acquired.

    Frank Lombard was reported to be into incest in 2007 following a complaint that Lombard was molesting adopted "black boys". Two children were endangered for two years before Lombard was arrested. By Lombard's own admission at least one suffered tremendously.
    The state of North Carolina pays a monthly allowance to adopt these babies. Is the state of NC complicit in this abuse of these children? Or do they simply go by some logo put out by the community where the adoptive couple lives like Eno Commons promotes.

    $950.00 plus a month to take home two black children under five years old.

    Frank Lombard's's wishlist before it was scrubbed
    from the net on July 3, 2009. How many videos of Frank Lombard's own molestation of that baby happen get out before he was arrested. How can a partner not be aware of this type of stuff? Why did North Carolina's child protective services not find this earlier and put a stop to what was happening to those children?

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