Abortion & Guns

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    The brutal details Reggie Littlejohn lays out in this video express the core belief of Hussein & Company:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JjtuBcJUsjY]Stop Forced Abortion -- China's One Child Policy -- Women's Rights Without Frontiers - YouTube[/ame]​

    No other tenet of socialism’s ideology expresses a culture of death more clearly than does support for China’s one child policy. From the day Soviet communism imploded Democrats began working overtime to see that Communist China did not go the way of the Soviet Union. Democrat support of China is not about communism defeating capitalist economies, or equal distribution of the wealth, —— it is about population controls. All of the technological and economic advantages our federal government handed to China since the collapse of the Soviet Union was designed to make population controls acceptable and even desirable worldwide.

    The best man for the job

    Hussein & Company desperately want John Kerry for secretary of state for one reason only. He is the most reliable advocate for the brutality done to women that must accompany infanticide. Remember that Democrats tried to make him president. Every leading Democrat is proud of John Kerry and what he stands for including the unbelievable cruelty Reggie Littlejohn has been fighting against:

    Very few men can live with the unbelievable cruelty done to women and championed by women like Kathleen Sebelius, yet the Democrat party slaughters children in the millions while Socialists won’t be happy until they butcher children in the hundreds of millions. Democrats then get away with accusing conservatives of making war on women. The sad reality is that American women who vote for Democrats do not care that government-imposed population control is primarily aimed at female infants.

    Just yesterday another woman ruled for mandatory contraceptives regardless of an individual’s religious beliefs.

    Take a look at the arrogance and cruelty in Sotomayor’s face:


    The best Sotomayor can do for now is destroy freedom of religion in the name of population control. One look at her ugly puss should tell you that she would like nothing better than to get in the trenches and personally do the things that are being done to China’s women.

    It gets better

    Another female Democrat piece of scum, Senator Diane Feinstein, is riding on the murdered bodies of 20 children in Sandy Hook, Conn. in order to register every gun. Registration is the final step before confiscation. Her goal is to eventually collect those guns after they are registered so that only her henchmen in government are armed.

    The thing that makes Feinstein such a hypocrite is that she is a leader in the political party that uses tax dollars to fund the slaughter of children. Di Fi might just as well have handed Adam Lanza the guns he used because there is no difference between him and her as far as I’m concerned. Question: Does Di Fi really believe that disarming law-abiding Americans will stop emotional cripples from killing?

    Finally, way back in 2000, on my first message board, I said the following. It’s gotten worse since then.

    Baby killing is nothing more than a tidbit for a Socialist who is the contemporary personification of the eternal butcher. Alas, poor bloodthirsty Socialists will have to snack quietly on aborted fetuses until they can sate themselves on some real old-fashioned killing after they have absolute power in their hands.

    I wonder how many people have noticed that the only individual Right that Socialists controlling the Democratic party ever stood for is the Right to kill children in the womb? Think about that one for a while without confusing Rights with Entitlements. Even then, the Right to murder children was only granted to half the population. It would appear that Liberals/Socialists/Communists only grudgingly consent to any new Rights; even ones that accomplish Socialist ends by reducing the lower economic class’ population growth by court-approved murder.

    Abortion in this country always makes me wonder if Democratic party big shots bring a pillow along whenever they junket to Red China. Then when they visit government institutions in China where unwanted infants are deliberately left to die of illness or starvation, American Socialists/Communists can impress their Chinese Communist pals by using the pillows to hasten an infant’s death. A little compassionate suffocation will prove to Peking that everyone is on the same page.

    NOTE: Prior to 1940, if any person would have said that so-called enlightened governments were going to slaughter civilians in the millions that person would have been locked away in a rubber room. The government ordered killings that took place in Communist China, (An estimated 30 million and counting) the Soviet Union, (20 million) and Fascist Germany (6½ million) were incomprehensible to decent-people before the murders happened. Those would-be protectors whose souls and minds are diseased with Socialist totalitarianism will kill in the hundreds of millions when they have all of their global ducks in a line. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the rest of their fraternity would be proud of the progress their fellow totalitarians are making.

    Has anyone also noticed that when socialism’s supporters are talking out of the other side of their faces they never stop proclaiming their love of representative government? At the same time they preach their love of democratic government they are working towards establishing an unelected supreme UN government controlled by wealthy international Socialists and domestic tax dollar parasites.

    Clarification: My use of decent-people as a compound word should not be taken as a moral judgement. It is simply a way to identify individuals who do not want to control anyone’s life and resources except their own.

    Here’s the link to the article about Reggie Littlejohn:

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