A Primer on Evangelicals

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    Since about 20-40% of Americans (including me) describe themselves as evangelical Christians, I thought this would be a good read for those who do not describe themselves as such. Click on the main link and you will find a one-two page read on each of the topics below.

    A Primer on Evangelicals


    What is an “Evangelical?”
    Fundies, Holy Rollers, and Born-agains: Defining Religious Labels
    A Fundamental Misunderstanding

    Who are these people?

    Know Your Evangelicals
    Evangelicals in America: Part 1 -- A Sociological Snapshot
    Evangelicals in America: Part 2 - The Political Agenda


    Dogma Differences 101: Evangelical Views on the Millennium
    The One-Flesh Union: An Evangelical View of Sex and Marriage
    Reedeming Eros: A Christian View of Sex and the Imagination
    The “Mutual Help” Model: A Biblical View of Marriage
    Part, Person, or Property: The Connection Between Property Rights and Abortion
    Defining Dignity: Worldviews and the Fate of Bioethics
    Salesmen for Jesus: A Prolegomenon on Evangelism
    Are There Any Absolute Moral Truths?: An Evangelical Response for Postmodern Christians
    Is the Christian God a Pacifist?
    Software Schisms: The Theological Significance of Operating Systems
    Chick Tracts and Dead Chickens: The Connection Between PETA’s Billboards and Evangelism
    Do Muslims and Christians Believe in the Same God?, (II), (III)

    Evangelicals and Culture

    Buying a Ticket: How Evangelicals Can Tranform Our Culture
    Jesus Ain’t My Homeboy
    Marketing and Misunderstandings: Discussing the Sorry State of “Christian Entertainment”
    Are Evangelicals Frustrated By Bush?
    Anthropos and Enemy: A Christian Perspective on “Humanizing” Terrorists
    Under Whose God?: Civil Religion and the Pledge of Allegiance
    Rainbows and Electric Chairs: Christian Views on Capital Punishment
    Biology or Behavior?: The Issue On Which Evangelicals and Homosexuals Should Agree
    Embracing Naomi: Desexualizing Civil Unions

    In the Blogosphere

    Down Here in the Ghetto: Evangelicals in the Blogosphere
    Breaking Out of the Evangelical Ghetto

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