A Nation of (authoritarian) Hyenas

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    If authoritarian lefties or righties ever found themselves wondering why the those of us that hold individual liberty (libertarians and classical liberals) in such high esteem are so vehemently opposed to their ideas, I think Tom Mullen explained things very eloquently in this article, Enjoy !

    A Nation of Hyenas
    by Tom Mullen

    One never knows where one will find profound metaphors for human existence and society, and I certainly wasn't looking for one while channel surfing last weekend after a morning of yard and house work. However, I had the good fortune to flip on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and observe a perfect analogy to what our once-great society has become.

    That episode was about the cheetah, the fastest land animal on earth. The cheetah is a beautiful creature. As the show pointed out, it is literally built for speed at the expense of brute strength, of which it has relatively little compared to other predators in its habitat. While unfortunate for the antelope, it was nonetheless quite inspiring to watch a high-speed pursuit of that animal by the cheetah, exhibiting gracefulness which rose to the level of poetry. Having made her kill, the cheetah brought the antelope back to feed herself and her young.

    However, the story was not to end so happily for this family. The smell of blood in the air had attracted a pack of one of the cheetah's competitors, the hyena. While the aforementioned lack of brute strength would probably not allow the cheetah to fight off even one hyena, that fact was irrelevant in that it was ten or twelve hyenas which now threatened her. Why? They were after the antelope -- the fruits of the cheetah's labor -- and were going to use their greater numbers to take it from her by force. They weren't intent upon killing the cheetah or her young, but were willing to do so, if necessary, to obtain her property without her consent. The cheetah weighed the risks to herself and her cubs and retreated, left to try to make up the loss elsewhere to provide for her family.

    Full article can be found here --> A Nation of Hyenas

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