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    [American Thinker weighs in on the administrations CYA gyrations regarding Benghazi. If you still believe that "bin Laden's dead but GM is alive" ask an old GM bondholder how his investment is doing, or a shareholder in the old GM. How do you spell cover up? The Seattle Times endorsed the O Man today, stating that no matter how bad he's been, we need to give him another four years to see if he can improve his record. These anal fornicators in the media go out of their way to show how tightly and how many ways they can stick together.]

    "It was reasonably obvious from the outset -- especially considering the words of the Libyan government and the reports on the ground -- that the attacks on the consulate and at a nearby " farm" were not spontaneous outbursts occasioned by fury at a video which was critical of Muhammad, "Innocence of Muslims." At the Daily Beast, Eli Lake reported it was known within 24 hours of the incident that al Qaeda affiliates were behind the well-supplied and orchestrated attacks, but the Administration persisted for a week using various spokespersons, especially Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Secretary of State Clinton, to lie and suggest that was the cause of the murder of the Ambassador and three others.

    Charles Krauthammer is the go to guy on why such an obviously juvenile effort to deflect blame onto a stupid video (probably few people have seen) was made

    This was clearly deception on part of the administration in sending Susan Rice to say this was a spontaneous demonstration, when as you reported, it was known inside the administration within a day that it was not. It was a terror attack. So why did they deceive? It's obvious. Because the attack took place five days after the Democrats had spent a week in Charlotte touting, spiking the football on Osama. And essentially, since it's the only foreign policy achievement of the four years they repeated it over and over again, the great triumph over al-Qaeda. Well, within a week, al-Qaeda sacks a U.S. embassy, kills an ambassador and the administration did not want to admit it so it spent a week deceiving Americans to think it's about demonstration, it's about a film, thinking, I think correctly that if it strung it out long enough the media would let it slide and now that it becomes it's obvious and true, nobody will care, I guarantee you. This is not a headline in the mainstream media."

    Articles: On the Road to Benghazi

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