A Ghost On The Canvas

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    Thank you Glen Campbell, for all these 42 years, and for allowing me to date Audrey Abbott, the blonde summer girl from 42 years ago the lonesome wail of the remarkable, "Wichita Lineman", the all time greatest man's love song to a maiden ever written.

    As I listen to it now in VEX's big huge pounding stereo, and again watch Audrey's hair of gold, glint in the sunshine, and watch her remember that we courted to it so long ago, the heart aches for the memory. The triumph of the long voyage in the songs of heart, are the windows on all of our forevers.

    The Sky went Wan
    The wind came cold
    The sun rose dripping
    Like a bucket full of Gold.


    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTfwcLdP5Xk]Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman - YouTube[/ame]

    I am a lineman for the county.
    And I drive the mainroad.
    Searchin' in the sun for another overload.
    I hear you singing in the wire.

    I can hear you thru the whine.
    And the Wichita Lineman,
    is still on the line.

    I know I need a small vacation.
    But it don't look like rain.
    And if it snows that stretch down south,
    won't ever stand the strain.
    And I need you more than want you.

    And I want you for all time.
    And the Wichita Lineman,
    is still on the line.

    Thank you Glen, hat is tipped.

    Robert A. M. Stephens
    NASA-Smithsonian Cultural Tour - 2013
    Yo Recuredo

    Thank you with all my heart and Audrey, I so thank you, for all the summer of your seasons......

    "The sky went wan, the wind came cold
    and the sun rose dripping
    like a bucket full of gold"

    Hail the maidens of our memories.
    --Yo Recuerdo, (I remember)

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