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    A friend of mine - Maria Laurence (another Anglo-American) just placed no unapproved message board links please on an Atheist/Liberal forum.
    In all modesty, I must point out that I provided some of her material :cheers2:

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    I've added your friends post below in place of the URL

    13 pro-Kerry vets versus 254 anti-Kerry vets. And yet the media automatically dismisses the SwiftVets out of hand. Why? Because they were partly funded by a Houston Republican, Bob Perry. Imagine that! A Republican giving money to an anti-Kerry group during an election year. What is the world coming to? Of course, anti-Bush groups (such as Moveone.org) wouldn't dream of accepting money from Democrats, would they?
    Have the media never heard of George Soros? Bob Perry contributed about $150,000 to the SwiftVets. That 150K represents less than one percent of the funds Soros pumped into outfits such as Moveon.org, and yet the media aren't in the least concerned about that.
    In February, Terry McCauliffe, Wesley Clark and Michael Moore accused George Bush of going AWOL during his National Guard. This was all the encouragement the media needed as they embarked on a 30 day feeding frenzy. They'd already thoroughly investigated this in 2000.
    It never occurred to the media to question the motives of the Chairman of the DNC (McCauliffe), a Democrat presidential candidate (Clark) and a liberal propagandist (Moore), but they were quick to question the motives of 254 decorated Vietnam veterans.
    It is quite breathtaking.
    The even have the nerve to piss and moan about how the SwiftVets (a 527 group) are violating the spirit of campaign finance reform! Democrats dominate the 527's!
    They also point out to anyone who'll listen that none of the SwiftVets actually served on Kerry's boat (as if Kerry's boat operated in a vacuum), and yet in the same breath they trumpet John McCain's condemnation of the SwiftVets. Last time I checked, McCain didn't serve on a boat with Kerry either or even in Kerry's unit. McCain was a guest at the Hanoi Hilton while Kerry was single-handedly winning (almost) the war. In short, McCain is irrelevant.
    By the way, Steve Gardner served on Kerry's boat. Gardner is a member of the SwiftVets.

    The Washington Post ran a piece written by Michael Dobbs yesterday that disputed the SwiftVet claims that Kerry lied about being under fire when he pulled Rasmussen out of the river on March 13th 1969. Dobbs managed to obtain Swift Boat officer Larry Thurlow's bronze star citations ( I wonder why Dobbs hasn't tried to get Kerry's medical records), which describes him (and therefore Kerry) being under fire that day. Thurlow claims that the language in the citation was taken from an after action report written up by Kerry. The Kerry camp denies this. Dobbs believed he had nailed both Thurlow and one of the SwiftVets claims. He hadn't.
    Dobbs inadvertantly nailed a Kerry lie, however. You recall the phrase NO MAN LEFT BEHIND at the Boston convention? Kerry has always claimed that when when PCF-3 hit a mine that day, three of the remaining four Swift Boats fled, while his PCF-94 remained on the scene. The SwiftVets claim the opposite; Kerry fled, the others remained, Kerry returned to pick up Rasmussen. Check out this paragraph from Dobbs piece:

    For much of the episode, Kerry was not in a position to know firsthand what was happening on Thurlow's boat, as Kerry's boat had sped down the river after the mine exploded under another boat. He later returned to provide assistance to the stricken boat.


    There's more. The SwiftVets claim that Kerry's buttock injury was sustained ealier that day when he and Rasmussen lobbed a couple of grenades into a VC supply dump. Rasmussen jumped out of the way, but Kerry wasn't quick enough. Some grains of rice were embedded into his buttocks. Kerry claimed this was a shrapnel wound sustained later under fire. Kerry can clear this up by releasing his medical records.
    Kerry claims that when he pulled Rasmussen out of the river, the five Swiftboats received enemy fire from both banks along a 5,000 meter line. That's three miles. Much longer than the front line at Gettysburg. None of the 35 men sustained wounds (apart from those who were on the crippled PCF-3). If they did, you can be sure Dobbs would have told us. None of the Band of Brothers were hurt by enemy fire. If they had, they would have provided medical records to back it up.
    Five swiftboats - each fifty feet long - but no bullet holes. Is this even remotely credible? They were pulling people out of the river so they must have cut their engines. They were sitting ducks. No bullets holes
    Of the five officers, four of them deny they were under enemy fire that day. Kerry, of course, is the lone dissenter.

    Many of the SwiftVets were staying in Washington D.C. last week. John O'Neill said last night that they repeatedly asked Dobbs to interview them. Dobbs refused. Dobbs also failed to deal with the scores of other allegations made against Kerry. Nor did he mention the concession already forced out of the Kerry campaign.

    The Cambodia Fairy Tale

    In 1986 John Kerry stood up in the US Senate and said the following:

    I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I remember what it was like to be shot at by the Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the president of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared--seared--in me

    He has repeated this story on several other occasions, claiming Richard Nixon lied while he, Kerry, was in Cambodia. Of course, Nixon wasn't president on Christmas Day 1968. He took office 26 days later.
    He embellished the story later, claiming that drunken South Vietnamese soldiers, in Cambodia, were celebrating Christmas. They fired on Kerry, he said.
    For this reason, the Kerry campaign have been forced to change the story. Unfortunately, they have thrown out so many conflicting stories that its hard to keep track.
    Kerry accidently strayed into Cambodia in January 1969... Kerry was sent on a mission to ferry a Navy Seal into Cambodia.... Kerry was very close to the Cambodian border.
    So drunken buddhist South Vietnam soldiers celebrating Christmas in January fired on Kerry! They must have been VERY drunk. They were in Cambodia illegally along with at least five NORTH Vietnamese divisions and decided to throw a Christmas party. How did Kerry know this? Did they hang tinsel on surrounding trees and sing Silent Night?
    Not one of the so-called Band of Brothers have backed up Kerry's claim that his Swift boaty\ entered Cambodia. In fact two of them have stated categorically that they never entered Cambodia.
    Also, there is no mention of this Cambodia advenure in Douglas Brinkley's authorized Kerry biography, even though it was a "turning point' in Kerry's life, "seared... seared" in his memory.
    So which is it, Senator. Was it an accident? Was it a mission? Was it an accidental mission? Are we to believe that Kerry inadvertantly slipped across the border and took the opportunity to drop off a Navy Seal who just happened to be on board? Is that it?
    Lets be honest here: Kerry was never in Cambodia. He made the whole thing up. The SwiftVets have been proven right on this. Don't you think its about time the media took these guys seriously now?

    Why aren't the media demanding Kerry sign an SF-180, which would authorize the Penatgon to release ALL Kerry's records to the public? Yes, I know Bush has refused to sign one. He also has something to hide. But unlike Kerry, Bush didn't use his service as a central plank in his entire political career. Kerry has milked his brief sojourn in Vietnam for all its worth and them some! In Boston, 15,000 delegates spent 4 days celebrating Kerry's four months in 'Nam, while his 19 years (one third of his life) in the US senate was barely mentioned.
    Kerry has brought all this on himself.

    That other JFK, John Kennedy, only alluded to his war record once during his 1960 campaign. A child asked Kennedy "why are you a hero?" to which Kennedy replied "they sunk my boat." That was it. He didn't travel around the country with his own Band of Brothers. Kennedy had far too much class.
    Kerry has always strived to be another JFK. The second Catholic Senator from Massachussets. but as Lloyd Bentson once famously said: "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."
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    Way to go Britt. Can I use it? I go to a lib board in order to whip on people and not be accused of child abuse. Your friend did an awesome job an deserves wide circulation.

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