A Debate Is Just A Debate

Discussion in 'Congress' started by wayne, Sep 27, 2008.

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    When all is said and done a debate is just a debate. I am not will to surrender my soul just because some guy is a gifted speaker. I will make the comparison again although it may upset some: I believe in a fair debate Adolf Hitler would have wiped the floor with both McCain and Obama at the same time, but no way in hell I would vote for him and I even kill him if I got the chance. In terms of the single most important issue liberty neither candidate is exceptionally good, but when McCain is compared to Obama he looks like George Washington. In my opinion, the words that politicians speak are almost worthless in a making determination how they will act in office. The only way to judge them is by their past actions and there we have very little to go on when considering Obama, but he does have a lot of communist and radical in his background, a people who are not strong on protecting liberty. I wonder what Obama’s opinion is of the actions of the Knoxville five. Was it a case of rape, torture, and murderer or was it social justice for past wrongs committed by white people? I sure that there are radicals out there that feel that it was pay back and justice for the past, Al Sharpton should be pound.
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