A Blue print for a Better Tomorrow (part 2)

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    Well Yesterday I told you of a plan to pay down the debt and return us to a lender nation, in which we would see a 1.336 trillion surplus.

    I talked about how we got the 1.336 trillion surplus, by curbing spending, increasing revenues by closing down tax shelters, and returning to the Tax rates we had under Clinton.

    Now I am a former republican, so it might surprise other republicans that I would be advocating a tax increase.

    Sometimes you have to go through a little pain to get some gain. There will be a tax cut for all after we right the ship so to speak.

    But for now I just want to focus on a couple programs I want to put in place.

    Yesterday I was talking about a Government Health Care Plan that wouldn't force anyone to belong to, and would be a alternative to private care not a replacement to it.

    I don't want to replace Private care cause there will be instances when we will be contracting with them whenever there is a shortage of Government Specialist Doctors in one area. Plus as I said yesterday we will be contracting with Private Hospitals to use their Hospitals and Equipment in order to Contain costs.

    Which bring me to the part about how we contain costs in my health care plan.

    Which is the whole reason for having a Government Health Care Plan. That and to provide the best care in the world.

    If a plan cannot accomplish those 2 things then we would be better off not to have one.

    In my plan we accomplish both.

    My plan is based off of our Military in that it recruits citizens to enlist in the Government Health Care Program.

    The way we do this, is we have a number of openings every year in which we encourage people to put in a application to be approved for the program.

    Initially we will have approximately 450,000 openings. Remember from my post yesterday we talked about a Doctor to Patient ratio of 1 Doctor per every 2000 citizens, and 1 RN for every 1000 Citizens. With a price Tag of 57 billion a year.

    Doctors would be paid $250,000 a year which is above the average income for a Physician,

    And Rn's would receive a a annual salary of $65,000 a year. Which is the current top rate of Pay for a R.N.

    Why pay more than private practice? Cause we want to attract the best candidates and retain them. This is a example where by spending a dollar more actually saves you 2 dollars.

    How so you ask?

    Well it's really very simple the extra money you spend on salaries is made up for by having to spend less on recruiting and training.

    So we now have 450,000 of the top candidates from those who applied, so now what?

    Well we have to train them to be Doctors and Nurses.

    OK How do we do this?

    Simple it's time to go to College for 4 years, then 4 years of Med School, then it's off to work!

    Wait, who's gonna pay for all of this schooling?

    The Government is. That's how we attract recruits. Same as the Military does. We offer to pay for their College in return they agree to work in one of our Government Health Care Facilities, for 7 years after completing their schooling. At which time they could go into private practice once they fulfilled their contract.

    I believe most will opt to stay with the Government Health Care Facility however for obvious reasons. Great Pay, plus no out of pocket expenses for malpractice Insurance. Free Medical care......wait doesn't everyone get this? Yeah thats the great thing about it......The Government saves money because we don't have to pay for the Government Employees Medical Benefits, were already paying for them.

    We save by paying them more because we have less cost in recruiting, and less cost in training them. This is forward thinking. Which we need more of in Government.

    So what are the benefits to the tax payer then?

    Well you get free health care, by a well trained Doctor and Nurses, who work in Americas Hospitals. You save money because you no longer have to pay out those high deductible insurance premiums out of your pocket. You get your Prescriptions for free.

    Now there is also another benefit here.....thats kind of a hidden one.

    You can get a 2nd or 3rd opinion for free. Since we pay for the Doctors, then it costs the Government no more money for you to see another one of our doctors for a second opinion.

    So you can see 2 or 3 Doctors within our Health Care Facility at no extra cost to us or you. We would actually encourage you to do so. For a reason.

    Because under our plan, you could not sue the Government Health Care System.

    Reason Being well first of all, we make it possible for you to seek a 2nd and 3rd opinion at no cost to you. In instances where there was any doubt by one of our Doctors we would actually call in another Doctor for a opinion. So if there was a case of malpractice it wouldn't be because of intentional wrong doing.

    Plus in most law suits today they sue for future medical care costs. Well you would already have access to free future care so this would cut down on the amount of money being dolled out for lawsuits that only serve to drive up the cost of practice and which eventually drives doctors to stop practicing, because they can't afford malpractice insurance.

    So what happens to the Doctor who caused the injury? The case would be reviewed by a Panel of Doctors and if it was found he was negligent and acted with complete disregard to the patients safety or care, he would of course be let go & his medical license revoked.

    At which time you could go after him in civil lawsuit if you so chose to do so.

    This is just another mechanism to control costs, by reducing the possibility for a misdiagnosis in the first place, and then by not allowing you to be able to sue the Government, but you could still sue the Doctor if he was found by the Government to have acted in a negligent manner which caused serious bodily harm or irreversible damage to a patient.

    So we pay for all of this out of that 1.336 trillion surplus. At a total cost of about 290 -350 billion a year.

    Which is less than what we are paying in interest payments on the debt right now, and your not getting anything for.

    Plus this still leaves us with about a trillion dollars a year surplus, not including what we are collecting in interest from money we are now loaning other countries, instead of paying other countries.

    So tomorrow I will talk about building a Bullet Train Interstate Network, that matches our current Interstate Highway system mile for mile. This will create 1000's of jobs, reduce our demand for oil, and reduce the amount the Government reimburses Companies for travel expenses. All of this will help grow the economy even more.

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