A 14 point proposal for immigration law reform –”probationary presence” instead of am

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    Now that the 2010 election is over, do you think we might be able to get a bi-partisan solution to the illegal immigration problem?

    It is foolish to think the US is going to kick out 12 million undocumented aliens currently living in the country.

    We need a package that creates a path (that is not “amnesty” for those already in the country), increases the penalities for illegal entry or overstaying a visa, and secures the border so that we don’t continue having a flood of illegal immigrants crossing our border.

    What are we going to do about people who want to cross our border to work?

    How can we clean up the mess that is our immigration law without creating “amnesty”?

    First…what do you mean by “amnesty’?

    It seems like any proposal to resolve the immigration mess is called “amnesty”. As long as that is the position of Republicans, there won’t be any immigration law reform. The illegal immigration issue will continue to be used poilitically without any real progress.

    The following proposals attempt to address the issues raised by all sides of the immigration debate.

    Instead of “amnesty” …dealing with the existing pool of illegal aliens in the country needs to be seen as “probationary presence”. They will have to earn their right to stay.

    A 14 point proposal for immigration law reform –”probationary presence” instead of amnesty - View From Baja Arizona

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