9/11/12 attack mastermind considered an "ally of sorts" tho was a convicted terrorist

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    The guy was removed from Gitmo and turned over to Libya provided they maintain him in prison.

    "The Obama administration promptly labeled Qumu an “ally of sorts,” according to the New York Times – that despite the fact that as of 2005, he was known as a “medium to high risk … likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests and allies.” What made him an ally? According to the Times, that status change was due to the Obama administration’s “remarkable turnabout resulting from shifting American policies rather than any obvious change in Mr. Qumu.”

    "This is the Obama perspective of the Islamist Spring in a nutshell: the administration preferred not to see with whom it was allying, instead hoping against hope that Islamists were good, decent, kind people who could be reasoned with. Qumu was none of the above. And now our ambassador to Libya is dead at the hands of a man we funded."

    Report: Terrorist Behind Ambassador Murder 'Ally of Sorts' to Obama Admin

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