60 Minutes Special on USC Coach Pete Carroll

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Jon, Dec 14, 2008.

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    So, I flipped over to CBS to catch the Survivor finale, but it was pushed back because of 60 Minutes. They were doing a special on Pete Carroll, and I gotta say...my opinion totally changed on the guy. He seems like a real prick on the field, and I generally dislike his team for being way overrated. But, he's an amazing guy.

    He goes out in the streets of LA and talks to gang members and tries to stop gang violence. He even gave one of the Crips his cell phone number so he could get him some training as a football player. It was really amazing. It was two nights after the Ohio St win this season, and it was 1 AM in the morning, and here's this guy on the streets of LA walking up to random gang members. He's got balls, and he seems to really want to make a difference. I was pretty impressed.

    They also poked fun at him for his horrible time in the NFL, and he turned it around. He said that he realized he was too soft for an NFL coach, but that his coaching style works perfectly in college. He seems like a real motivator.

    Anyway, I just thought that was a good piece on 60 Minutes, and wanted to share.

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