$35 billion a year?

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    Gov. Jan Brewer Links Illegal Immigrants to Drug Smuggling in Arizona Immigration Debate
    Jerry Reth |
    Jun 26, 2010 |
    Gov. Jan Brewer Links Illegal Immigrants to Drug Smuggling in Arizona Immigration Debate – The debate over the Arizona immigration bill has heated up after Jan Brewer has stated that many illegal immigrants come over the border carrying drugs. Just as the debate seemed to fall to the background, it pops back up after a poor choice of wording by Jan Brewer. Now, she targets drug mules coming across the border.
    “We all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules,” Governor Jan Brewer said to a newspaper. “They’re coming across our borders in huge numbers. Drug Cartels have taken control of the immigration.”
    While there may be some truth to what she is saying, it is hard to imagine that a “majority” of those coming across the border are doing so as drug smugglers.

    She states that many illegal immigrants are being forced to carry the substance by drug cartels as they cross the border. This practice has been known of for quite some time, but having Brewer name that reason specifically places the subject in a whole new light of focus.
    “I wouldn’t say that every person that is apprehended is being used as a mule,” said Mario Escalante.
    Her comments have sparked debate among many regarding exactly how many of those crossing the border are doing so with drugs. While there is no real clear statistic on the matter, the stats that we do have shown that while it is common for them to be found with drugs, drug mules are not as common as Brewer may have suggested in her recent comment.

    I don’t think Governor Brewer is so wrong. Mexicans are sending $35 billion back to Mexico each year and 12 million illegal aliens are not making that kind of money picking lettuce and apples, cleaning houses and motel rooms, baby sitting and working at wall mart. They have to be dealing in drugs. That kind of money only come from drug dealing.

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