2nd Brigade Combat Team (strike Force) 2nd Infantry Division

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    Strike 6, Col. Gary S. Patton, Feb. update

    Source: Col. Gary S. Patton

    AR RAMADI, IRAQ 09395-5058

    February 16, 2005

    Family and Friends of Strike Force:

    Greetings from central Iraq, where we are enjoying the cooler, moderate temperatures of Ramadi winter. It rains about once a week, but just enough to turn the sand and dirt to very sticky mud. Our soldiers’ morale remains high and their fighting spirit is as strong as ever. 1,670 soldiers have returned home on R&R leave, and more will follow between now and mid-July. Our soldiers return from leave buoyed by your love and revitalized by the kindness and respect shown them by the great American public.

    Over the past few weeks, the Brigade played a very important role in the now-concluded historic elections of free Iraq. Our mission was to provide a safe and secure election environment on January 30, 2005. We did just that, securing 12 polling centers across Al Anbar Province, and keeping the election centers operational all day. Many people said this could not be done in Ramadi, but we did it with minimal violence and one unfortunate casualty. We did see low voter turnout in most of our polling centers, due to a combination of several factors: Sunni boycott, tribal apathy, and fear of insurgent reprisals.

    But the fact remains, the free people of Iraq had a choice to participate in democracy for the first time in their nation’s history, and we helped make that happen. We delivered the toughest province in Iraq, strategically enabling the election to be hailed as fair and safe in all 18 national provinces. I personally spoke to U.S. Ambassador Negraponte, and he was very satisfied with our efforts and results.

    Each member of the Brigade participated in making history on Iraqi Election Day. Our engineers emplaced tons of barriers and our support Soldiers hauled truckloads of election materials. Infantrymen and tankers helped prepare and secure the polling centers. Artillerymen and military police controlled traffic checkpoints. Civil affairs and Military Intelligence teams helped inform the people. Literally, every Soldier and Marine in the Brigade contributed to our team’s success and this historic event.

    We were inspired by the brave and patriotic Iraqis that did choose to vote, most departing the polling centers proudly displaying their purple fingers, just as you witnessed at the President’s State of the Union Message. We were also inspired by the Iraqi Army soldiers who transferred to Ramadi for the elections, stood by our sides, shouldered their part of the load, and soldiered through the entire election period.

    Now, without catching our breath, we are launching a very aggressive campaign to keep the pressure on the insurgents, and simultaneously train and integrate new Iraqi Army Forces. I met some of these Iraqi soldiers during the elections. These men represent the future and promise of a free Iraq. They are proud, determined, and resolute in fighting to defend their new nation. Our soldiers recognize this and fully embrace the good Iraqi soldiers as their brothers in arms.

    Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We continue to be strengthened by your enduring love and support. May God bless you, your friends and family, and God bless the United States of America and free Iraq.


    Colonel, United States Army

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