2009 Voter Numbers! (Were Liberals Even Running?)

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    It is widely known that in the Upstate New York Congressional Race, that the Conservatives were running so hard for office--that they even abandoned the Republican Party Candidate(?). Rush(?) Limbaugh's favorite "Babe" was even engaged, Sarah Palin: Who can (1), See the 23rd New York district from her front porch(?), and (2), Field dress a Labrador Retriever, and (3), Even after what remains: Subsequent a few mortar rounds.

    "Hunting" is different, for Conservatives: And their women(?)!

    So the Conservatives lost to a Democratic Moderate.

    In Virginia, widely perceived Liberals, Obama-Biden, got 1,959,532 votes in the 2008 November election. In 2009, The Virginia Democratic, gubernatorial candidate got 800,091 votes. McCain-Palin, 2008, got 1,725,005 votes. The Republican winner for Governor, 2009, got 1,158,193 votes.

    The 2009 vote total is 53% of the 2008 vote total, and the Democrat would not identify strongly with the Democratic liberals: Kind of Like a "Blue Dog" Democrat.

    The "Blue Dogs" apparently can't win, unless Rep. Jane Harman has a strong liberal base in the Venice Beach precincts, in CA: Who currently have other issues, (what with six medical Marijuana Clinics, just along the one mile beach-walk, alone). They think they won!

    In New Jersey, widely perceived Liberals, Obama-Biden, got 2,215,422 votes in the 2008 November election. In 2009, the New Jersey Democratic, gubernatorial candidate got 962,130 votes (plus 64,315, so far, in one last county). The Republican winner for Governor, 2009, got 1,004,214 votes, (plus 128,780 so far, in the one last county).

    The 2009 vote total is about 56% of the 2008 vote total, wherein The George Bush Conservatives weren't running, again(?). The vote split was 48% Democratic Liberals, 52% GOP "Other."

    The "Blue Dogs" didn't even try to win, and some may in fact have stayed home. Everyone knows how some people cling to their. . . ."Blue Dog" kinds of values.

    And then it's back to New York again, and then out to California: And then even on to famous Democratic Candidate, Dean. The Conservatives have a base, which regularly votes, in less numbers than usual. Clearly, the "Conservative" Tide doesn't exist. It needs to be tested against Liberals, with a return to basic Liberal agenda. The Democrats did win (1), against a Conservative on-slaught, and (2), in a liberal district.

    It is widely known, for example, that Liberals, and their women, don't hunt like the Conservatives, and their women!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Anyone does wonder: Whatever became of. . . .Ms. Galore?! That would have been the Kennedy Administration, who knew about getting birthday serenades!)
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