Why Trump failed


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Nov 19, 2020
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I remember hearing Trump say that he would lock up Hillary and clean the Swamp. At the time, we all snickered and knew that this was probably bogus, even though we all knew that Hillary lied her arse off and the FBI did nothing about such lies, while later trying to put Flynn in jail for one supposed lie.

Then came the Russia, Russia, Russia, scandal and the continued carnage as the Deep State came after everyone around Trump, and even took out his lawyer. So much for the right to confide in a lawyer and keep it confidential, a right we are all suppose to have. And yes, they got him to turn on Trump as well, despite him swearing to represent him. But in the end, it was all a big nothing burger. And then came the revelations that the entire FBI team were democrats who said they would put Trump away even before the investigation started. The coup attempt, but again, a big nothing burger. And then came the revelations about Biden using his powers to manipulate his son getting wealthy over seas in places like China and the Ukraine, which at the very least was unethical. And as Trump stumbled upon it, they turned the tables and accused him of the very thing Biden was guilty of, hence the impeachment.

With all of that, no one brought to justice, not even so much as a slap on the wrist?

Either Trump is unwilling or unable to address such injustice, either way, it shows a failed Presidency.

Imagine, just one lie to the FBI and you are SUPPOSE to go to jail, let alone destroy the evidence in addition with impunity.

If the pandemic had not hit the USA Trump would have won easily. That is the only thing Biden had in his favor and that is all he campaigned on. What has Biden done for USA citizens in his almost half a century in Washington.He is talking about stopping all deportations of illegal aliens and giving them US citizenship. He has supported giving illegal aliens free healthcare and all benefits that US citizens get. and of course he will stop construction of the border wall.He will basically open up the US borders.
No Trump still would have lost. All the black people who showed up to vote Trump out did so not because of the virus but because of BLM bitch.

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