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May 20, 2009
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It makes sense because democrats are never indicted on anything so they have no need to worry about being pardoned. Call it righteous genetics. They are a moral master race.

That way any opposing party will be faced with jail time and not be able to wiggle out of it should they get so bold as to be challenged.
They spied on Citizens, SCOTUS, reporters, even the incoming president and none of them were even charged with sedition.

They are truly blessed


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Sep 20, 2005
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This is as critical as getting rid of the electoral college. Here's a letter to the editor with which I largely agree. Can't have a crime syndicate running the government again with potential immunity.

Opinion | Time to Rethink Presidential Pardons?

To the Editor:
As President Trump has issued a pardon to Michael Flynn, and now appears ready to issue numerous other pardons to those who committed crimes (or may have committed crimes) while in service to the president, it is clear that the pardon provision of the Constitution must be amended to prevent presidential administrations from becoming crime or corruption syndicates without consequence.
The pardon power should be amended to prohibit a president from issuing a pardon for any crime committed during the period he or she is in office. This limitation would deter the commission of crimes of corruption on behalf of a president with knowledge that any such acts will be followed by a pardon.
In addition, the amendment should prohibit the president from issuing a self-pardon and prohibit any vice president who comes into the office upon the resignation of the president from issuing a pardon.
Daniel Shapiro
Suffern, N.Y.
Hey fag, if you hate the Constitution so much and want “change”, move to a socialist shut hole of your choice.
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Oh boy, a communist Jew. Have a picture of Karl Marx hanging on your wall?
Naaa traitor But I bet you have one of Hitler you racist pos
Nazis were pretty much the same as Communists. It’s your side that uses brown shirt tactics to intimidate the opposition.


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Mar 3, 2013
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How are people pardoned that haven't been found guilty of anything ,,,,,yet?
Might ask Ford that, if he were still alive.

He pardoned Nixon.
Nixon wasn't guilty??

of what?
The House Judiciary Committee then approved articles of impeachment against Nixon for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress. With his complicity in the cover-up made public and his political support completely eroded, Nixon resigned from office on August 9, 1974.
So, it didn't get to a full House vote, he was NOT impeached, and he committed no crime....

again, what crime did he commit that he needed to be pardoned for?
I'm not sure Will it happened long ago but they just said on tv .... the SCOTUS said a pardon is only if you're guilty

Then Ford was wrong giving Nixon a pardon.


it's in the history books.
You do understand will........
SCOTUS says accepting a pardon is like an admission of guilt.
If you are not guilty, you don't need a pardon.
You do understand will........
YOU dont' seem to understand, ed...

Nixon was pardoned, but didn't commit a crime.

Why are you ignoring what is, and has been , in history books for close to half a century?

Never mind, don't respond...

that space between your ears is full of concrete.

you don't have the intelligence to get past what your masters programmed you with.
So you don't believe what your supremes have said?
Why do you keep proving you're a moron?

Ford gave Nixon a pardon, no crime committed.

stop fucking pulling me into your delusion.

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